Our Breviary (Liturgy of the Hours) is for those who want to grow spiritually, Benedictine Daily Prayer provides an everyday edition of the Divine Office. People who desire to pray with the church can do so in a simple manner by following this Benedictine daily prayer model. Based on solid and traditional prayer patterns of more than fifteen hundred years of liturgical prayer within the Benedictine monastic tradition, Benedictine Daily Prayer helps our Benedictines to celebrate and appreciate God's presence that is found everywhere, especially within the Divine Office. 

We ask our Oblates to at least pray the Lauds and Vespers every day. First and Second Order monastics  (monks & nuns) pray the full daily Breviary.

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The Saint Benedict Prayer Book edition is very helpful to anyone interested in a simple prayer book, but enhanced because of the St. Benedict Prayers. Daily prayers are organized and of excellent quality. Gold lettering makes it especially attractive.