We invite other established Benedictines who wish to join our International Benedictine Chapters (IBC). They do not need to be Orthodox, since the Benedictine way per se is interdenominational. 

The criteria below have been established in order to become a recognized Chapter under the auspices of our community.

I. IBC members fulfill the following commitments:

They are committed to the Benedictine Rule, its values, culture and prayer:


They are expected to keep the spirit of Saint Benedict alive in the way they live

They keep faithful to their promises made at Holy Oblation or Vows

They pray the Liturgical Hours/Daily Prayers as much as they are able to

They read from the Rule of St. Benedict frequently

They attend retreats and scheduled meetings as often as possible

They maintain fidelity to their respective faith tradition

They are persons whose lives are shaped by Benedictine spirituality. They follow the Rule of St. Benedict in their daily lives as far as their way of life permits

They pray for the International Benedictine Community


II.  IBC Members adhere to the following values:


They believe in service to the common good, respect for the individual, virtuous friendship and living the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12):


• Conversion of life towards God’s will

• Love of learning

• Listening

• Excellence through virtue

• Hospitality

• Stability

• Stewardship

 III. After prayerful consideration, the local superior is invited to contact the IBC by providing the following information: